Chiropractic Care

Gentle chiropractic adjustments restore neuro-spinal function and promotes natural healing. Suitable for neck pain, back pain, headaches and joint issues.

1-2-1 and Physical Rehab
Physical rehab

Whether poor spinal alignment is preventing your nervous system from working properly, or your busy mind is causing tension in your body. We identify and remove the problem so that your body can heal!

Yoga & Pilates
yoga and pilates

We are vastly experienced in tailoring yoga and physical rehab for injuries. Healing both your body & mind with 1to1 and group classes available.​

Meditation & Breathwork

We know how powerful a clear mind is. This is why we offer breathwork and meditation with our patients to optimise their health.

Corporate Wellbeing

Looking after your staffs physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is essential for a successful company. We offer our services to companies who want to bring productivity and happiness to their employees.

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Heal the body, Heal the mind.