Desk Workers Must Do’s to Limit the Need for a Chiropractor

Posted: 26 May 2022

Are you tired of toiling away at your desk at the expense of your physical health? Working an office job can result in many people experiencing this. Say no to back pain and follow these top tips to limit your visits to the chiropractor! You won’t regret it.

Regular Breaks!

Take a little time for yourself and remember to have a break every now and then. The longer you sit at your desk, the more stress your body will accumulate. This tension ultimately results in poor posture and back pain, so alleviating it by taking a break is a must.

The sedentary pace of a desk-based working life needs to be offset by engaging in some exercise and stretching. For those of you who don’t quite fancy getting up at your desk for a quick pilates session in the middle of the shared office, don’t panic; there are plenty of discreet exercises you can do to take the strain off your spine.

Even if you get up and take a walk around the office, relieving the tension can go a long way toward preventing back pain. You should try and do this every 45 or 60 minutes if you want to be on the safe side. Remember to circle your arms around, too – this can ensure that you shake off any extra tension you might be holding on to.

Posture Up

If you’ve got bad posture, you may be putting yourself at increased risk of sustaining back strain. Plus, it’s hardly the comfiest way to tackle your day.

Generally, a good posture should ensure that your feet get placed flat on the floor, you’re sat up straight, and your knees are a bit lower than your hips. You should be reclined at a slight angle, your spine should be supported and touching the back of the chair, and there should possibly be a small gap between your knees and the chair.

A good posture can go a long way towards preventing you from sustaining any long-term damage from sustained strain. Even if a bit of a lurched posture seems comfortable at the time, it may cause unnecessary spine stress that affects you later on down the line.

Consider a Standing Desk

A standing desk can be a superb alternative to the classic sitting option, as it can improve your posture and combat back pain.

Standing desks have been a mainstay of the modern office for a while now, so it might be time to jump on the bandwagon.

You could also think about getting an adjustable desk that works in both the standing and sitting positions for that extra flexibility.

Stretch Your Chest

Regular chest stretching can help you avoid rounding your shoulders. Rounding your shoulders can put a massive strain on your skeleton, and if you’re adopting this for a lengthy period of time, you might inadvertently trick your body into thinking this is the natural way to sit.

Yoga and Pilates

It’s important to take the tension off your body after the end of a long day sitting at the desk. Yoga and Pilates can be superb exercises for this. Not only are they therapeutic, but they can help you avoid a visit to the chiropractor too!

If you feel like you need to visit a chiropractor, you shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch. Sorting out a problem as soon as possible can prevent it from becoming more painful and difficult to manage later on in life.

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