Kukena Naturals Candle is inspired by the warmth of a summer afternoon by the surf and our six signature scents are designed to enliven the senses and make relaxing a top priority. Choose from Original Coconut, Fresh Bamboo, Lemongrass, Frangipani, Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon & Clove.
The ethically sourced coconut shell can be used as a bowl after use by washing out the excess wax with soap and warm water.
Key Features of Kukena Naturals Candle
  • 40+ hours burn time
  • Made with natural wax
  • Double wicked using sustainable cotton
  • Shells are completely natural and free from chemicals, fully biodegradable yet durable and robust enough to be used in the oven, freezer or dishwasher
  • We do not use dyes and all our products are vegan friendly
  • Completely recyclable and plastic free product & packaging