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Cultivating Gratitude with Keri

21st April, 7pm
Price: £20

This yin yoga and yoga nidra workshop  will connect us to the kindness felt in our hearts, sensed in our bodies and  captured in our minds with evoking gratitude into our practice.
The Yin sequence is ideal if you have been feeding stressed or negative. We will stimulate the lung and large intestine Chinese meridians. Helping to release negative emotions and thoughts & incorporating gentle heart opening poses to connect to our hearts and  heart chakra allowing us to  focus qualities of gratitude, joy & appreciation of the beauty all around us. 
We will also use some acupressure points within our practice to encourage relaxation. 
Finishing with a deeply relaxing yoga Nidra to plant the seeds of intension for the month ahead and feel beautifully rested.
Yoga & Nidra with Jen

Yoga & Nidra with Jen

30th April, 19:00-20:30  |  Price: £10pp

A gentle Asana practice preparing the body to find comfort, followed by a deeply restorative guided Nidra meditation, ending with a relaxing herbal tea

Mum & Baby post Natal Yoga

Mum & Baby post Natal Yoga

6 week course: Tuesday 18 April to 23 May
£60 for 6 weeks

Post natal adapted yoga to reconnect to your body following birth. Classes include a gentle stretch out, pelvic floor and core reintegration and baby massage and songs. Make other mum friends in a friendly social class.

Healing Hatha Yoga

Healing Hatha Yoga

Every Sunday at 10:30am
£10 per class or block book 4 sessions for £35

A holistic and somatic based Hatha Yoga class designed to introduce you to the healing and life enhancing properties of a regular Yoga practice. Sessions are based around a gentle flow of traditional Hatha Yoga Asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breathwork) to bring the body and mind back into harmony and balance.

The class is suitable for those new to Yoga, recovering from injury and dealing with Perimenopause and Menopause symptoms; or anyone who wishes to improve their strength, flexibility and overall wellbeing.

Sound bath with quartz crystal bowls

Sound bath with quartz crystal bowls

Friday 12th May @ 7pm

Join Lou in a truly healing experience!
Re balance and relax into the healing vibrations of the beautiful bowls.
This one hour session will truly

Relax and replenish your energy.